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Business is about movement, tempo, and change. Seldom has there been so much drive and energy as there is today. The transformation and digitalization of society and the economy is presenting every industry and business sector with new challenges. Companies are having to rethink how they see themselves, develop successful business models, respond to fierce competition, and establish relationships with increasingly self-confident customers.


With the online magazine Transformation Beats, advisory firm goetzpartners scrutinizes these changes and focuses on the trends and companies that are leading the way. It addresses the most important questions surrounding strategy, M&A, and transformation for CxOs, entrepreneurs, and managers. Editorial support for the magazine is provided by independent journalists.



Digitalization asks questions of the processes and added value of a company. Using best practices and expert knowledge as a basis, we demonstrate how companies need to be positioned in terms of organization, technology, and finance in order to find answers to these questions: from IT infrastructure, Industry 4.0, and the Internet of Things, to the associated employee requirements and the creation of new business fields.

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